Sunday, October 2, 2011

Many Apologies

Hello Everyone,

As I suspected, my headphones were right under my nose - in my bag to be specific.  (How'd they get in there???)

Anyways, thank you so much!  Many apologies!


Mrs. W

Friday, September 30, 2011

Remembrance Day Assembly iMovie Project

Assembly: Friday November 11th

Video Segments DUE Wednesday November 2nd

Completed Video Compiled on Friday November 4th

The completed video must be no longer than 5 minutes.  That means that each segment may be NO LONGER THAN 30 seconds.

Please remember to focus on Canadian involvement, and to ensure that the tone is very respectful and will impart on the school the need to pay respect to our troops.

Topics and groups are as follows.  If you are not on the list please sign up via COMMENTING ON THIS POST AND EMAILING ME ASAP.  If the list is full, please email me for ideas on how you can contribute. 

1.     First World War: Aidan, Jenny
2.     Second World War: Evan D, Caroline, Ryan
3.     Cold War: Cole H.
4.     Korean War: Glenn, Connor, Cole H.
5.     Vietnam War: Shane, Geoff
6.    Gulf War:
7.     Afghanistan War: Romi, Edward, Nick
8.     Iraq War: Cameron & Mitchell
9.    Intervention in Libya:
10 Thematic Slides: Sheldan, Alex, Graham, Cole L.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Your Projects: Blog About 'Em!

Hello Everyone,

In order to provide you with an opportunity to share your work-in-progress, and for me to have an idea of what you are working on, your assignment for today is to create a blog devoted to your project.

Your blog must:
-Be created using (this is a Google service so your school emails should allow you to login)
-Have a title that clearly describes your project (refer to your proposals)
-Contain a list of links (which can be added to the sidebar under the 'design' tab) that you have used to research
-Include all of your names (first only) in the blog description so that we know whose blog is whose

Your first post must:
-Summarize your proposal (THESIS, resources, final project)
-Explain what work you have completed thus far
-Discuss your thoughts on what our class could contribute to the Remembrance Day assembly

Each electives class you will be expected to post on what you accomplished that period and what you will be working on next time.

In order to encourage collaboration, please email me the link to your blog so that I may include it in the Link List on this blog. Remember:

Any questions? Please email me!

Happy Blogging!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Films and Granting Permission to View

Hello All :)

After reviewing your proposals, I have a few minor comments to make.

1. Any film that is rated R will NOT be permitted for this project.  Keep it 14A or below.  I am not willing to negotiate on this, so do not ask.

2. You must be SPECIFIC on what the film will help you to accomplish in your project.  Simply stating that "it's a cool representation" is NOT sufficient.  Your rationale must be specific, and show evidence of deep thinking.
***Acceptable rationale would be along the lines of: "the documentary RestRepo will help us to understand what a day in the life of a soldier in Afghanistan is like.  Since our thesis is centred on the difference between media representations of the war, and lived experiences of the war, this film will be perfect.  RestRepo will also be a great choice for our group because we are interested in the aftermath of the war, or the long term impact that it has on American soldiers."  Please sit down with me for help with this part of the project, if it proving very difficult, your thesis may need to be reworked.

3. Video games must be played at home, and your parents must provide me with written consent acknowledging that you will be playing this game for educational purposes in their home.

4. Proposals must include an explanation of what the final product will be.  For example, you may write a paper, create a website, build a model of the battle you are investigating, create a movie, write and perform a play, record a series of podcasts, etc.  You must explain this in your proposal so I can help you monitor your progress!

I believe that is it for now....  Please keep in mind that we only have a limited amount of time in this term! The clock is ticking!  If you are waiting for approval on your feature films, you can still begin researching and working on your project.

:) Mrs. W

Thursday, September 1, 2011


You may find other films that would work for this project.  Please remember that you must justify your choice with academic reasoning, and receive approval from BOTH your teacher and your parents prior to viewing ANY feature film.  Most documentaries will be approved, check with your teacher prior to viewing.

*Films marked with a star are available through Mrs. Waite upon approval!


·        Canada & the Great War*
·        Sacrifice, Achievement & Legacy: Canada & the Second World War*
·        Apocalypse: World War II* (this is NOT the National Geographic Show!)
·        How Hitler Lost the War*
·        Restrepo*
·        National Geographic’s Apocalypse World at War (online only)
·        The War Tapes
·        Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers
·        Uncovered: The War on Iraq

Feature Films:

·      Flyboys
·      Passchendaele*

·        Schindler’s List
·        The Pianist*
·        The English Patient
·        Saving Private Ryan*
·        The Thin Red Line
·        U-571
·        Band of Brothers* (HBO)
·        Enemy at the Gates*
·        Pearl Harbor
·        Hart’s War
·        The Gathering Storm
·        Generation Kill (HBO)
·        Dirty Dozen
·        Hamburger Hill

·               ???

·      We Were Soldiers
·      Apocalypse Now
·      Forrest Gump
·      Good Morning, Vietnam

Modern Warfare (Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq)
·      The Hurt Locker
·      Stop Loss
·      Jarhead

Your Inquiry Projects


I am so excited to welcome you all to this elective, and cannot wait to see what you can learn about our World @ War this term.

You will be designing and implanting inquiry projects in small groups, on a topic that most interests you.  This could be a specific war, a time period, or a place.  That being said, if you have an idea for what you would like to know about our World @ War, come and ask me if it's an appropriate topic!

It's time to complete your INQUIRY PROJECT PROPOSAL!!!

Follow the steps, get-er-done, and dig in!